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Photo Gallery

VMGR 152--1967 VMGR 152--1967 PA LICENSE Had this tag on for about 20 years and been pulled over at least 10 times by cops who were all former members of the squadron. 136666895 788 Touching up the Radom 136701147 R.E. LEWIS R.E. LEWIS at Futenma, DENNY ROSAS in background 136701434 148893 136701690 D. DUFFY Duffy posing with a BAR he got somewhere. 136701739 HOGGING IT UP IN KOZA CITY HASSAN SPENDING HIS FLIGHT PAY 136701740 148893 136701741 CORAL BLUFF EM CLUB Metal shop at club 136704060 FUTENMA METAL SHOP from left: Hills, Smitty, Rabenhorst, Klessig, Medlin, O'Connor, Trembly 136704061 KIYOKO AND HICKMAN Squad Bay Naisan Kiyoko with D. Hickman 136704062 CLUB WOOF, MOROMI HILL J.M. Merrifield is being told: "You look like movie star" 136704063 MOROMI HILL Favorite desitination 136704064 DUFFY IN NAHA CITY 136704065 PULLING A CHECK F.J. O'Connor pulling a 30 day check 136704066 148247 DAMAGE LEWIS PATCHING SCHRAPAL HOLES 136920042 ROSAS AND OCONNOR--futenma Work on flap that was damaged in rocket attack at Danang 136704067 148274 DAMAGE 247 SEVERLY DAMAGED IN DONG HA AUGUST 1967 136920043 DONG HA DAMAGE 148247 TOOK OVER 100 HITS AT DONG HA 1967 136920045 JIMMY NIXON 136920046 Futenma Guidebook 1966 141627351 MUSTER LIST 152 METAL SHOP, FLIGHT LINE, 1967 141647510 .50 Caliber Hole .50 Caliber went through fuel tank of 893 141764765 .50 Cal 893 Ridgeway and Rosenacker cleaning up .50 Cal that went through fuel tank. 141764766 Metal Shop 1967 from left: Leach, Holloway, Lewis, Baker 141764767 Purging AUX Fuel Cell Wilson draining AUX fuel bladder 141764768 Baker and Wilson 141771567 EM Club Futema 141771568 W. Duffy Getting ready to run PRT 141771569 J.M. Merrifield 141771570 20 MM 141777190 Futema Big Shop 141777191 DANANG '67 Charlie Glenn and Henry Milligan 141777192 Putting the flaps down the easy way 141777193 Duffy and Hassen 141777194 FUTEMA HANGAR PHOTO TAKEN NEW YEAR'S DAY 1967 141777195 UH34D HMM 361 141777196 CO'S JEEP 141777197 W.W. MEDLIN 141777198 MERRIFIELD AND TREMBLY 141777199 POKER GAME MERRIFIELD, MEDLIN AND TREMBLY 141777200 W.C. DUFFY 141777201 893 in for Check Taken at Futema 1966-67 151211850 Barrack Futema Oki 151211851 Jerry Merrifield 151211852 Futema O & R 1967 Refueling Pod being rebuilt at the big shop 151211853 don't remember his name 151211854 Tee Shirt 157035580 Tee Shirt 157035581 Laudencio "Little Gus" Garcia "Little Gus" at Sub Unit #1 157399308 SMITTY AND MASSEY 158191134 R.E. LEWIS 158191135 "BIG GUS" GARCIA and NIXON 158191136 JIMMY NIXON 158191137 FUTENMA HILL Walking down hill from main gate--East China Sea in distance 158191138 148247 Repair Lewis patching up shrapnel hole pictured in bottom photo. 160780288 Jerry Merrifield--2012 J.M. Merrifield KC130J at Keane NH Airshow 164906336 Jerry Merrifield KC130J at Keane New Hampshire 164906337 149248 at DaNang 187930116 149896 188447027 F.J. O'Connor 1967 188577397